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Blogging for Beginners 2007


WEEK 5 Tasks - Feb 12th to 18th

Going Beyond: Make Your Blog Unique



Objectives for Week 5: Make your blog a rich and attractive learning environment by including multimedia content and multiple communication tools.



Task 1 - Adding voice and other files to entries:

a. Create a sound file at Odeo (http://odeo.com) or Podomatic (www.podomatic.com)...

b. Create a slideshow at Bubbleshare (www.bubbleshare.com), add your voice comments (optional)...

 ...and include it/them in one of your blog posts.


Tutorials for Task 1:


Task 2 - Personalizing templates

a. Edit your blog sidebar links

b. Add a widget to your template

c. Offer e-mail subscription to your blog (Check FeedBlitz widgets HERE)


Tutorial for Task 2:


Optional Tasks

a. Create and edit a new element in your sidebar

b. Change the size and alignment of some of your widgets

c. Insert your logo in the header (click HERE for a step-by-step guide)


Blogs of the Week



Office Hours 

 The Blogging Team will be at Yahoo Messenger on the following times to answer your questions about this week's tasks. Please add our IDs.




Hosted by

Yahoo Contact ID

Monday, February 12th

14.00 to 15.00 GMT

Carla Arena carlaarena
Tuesday, February 13th

00.00 to 01.00 GMT



13.00 to 14.00 GMT

Claudia Bellusci mcbellusci
Wednesday, February 14th 14.00 to 15.00 GMT Carla Arena carlaarena
Thursday, February 15th 22.00 to 23.00 GMT Erika Cruvinel erikacruvinel
Friday, February 16th 23.00 to 24.00 GMT Claudia Bellusci mcbellusci
Saturday, February 17th 11:30 to 12:30 GMT Gladys Baya gladysbaya



(Select according to your needs)



  • Wiki page: Some Tips and Links to Personalize your Blog Template



  • On Gadgets and Widgets by Claudia Ceraso



  • How can I use the new Blogger Layouts features

How to upgrade your template (Migrating from the Old to the New Blogger)



  • Layout Guide

How to add, arrange and edit elements in your template



  • Fonts and Colours

How to edit and customize the fonts and colors of your blog without any knowledge of HTML or CSS



  •  Free essential tools for Blogger

A periodically updated list of tools you might want to have in your blog to add functionality to it



  • Long Words and Urls Can Break Your Blog Template

A help page to avoid a usual reason for blog messiness



  • "How to embed a You Tube player in your blog post"

    (contributed by Jenny)



  • Creating a background-image in whatever banner.



How to save your current widgets when changing templates in the New Blogger



  • Wiki page: Questions and Answers on Templates and Widgets

The questions you asked during the workshop and the answers you got



  • Blogger Forum


  • Beta Blogger for Dummies

Have fun with the Ten Commandments for Bloggers



  • Testing Blogger Beta


    • Adding a graphic to your blog header


  • Beautiful Beta


  • Some Template Tips & Tricks







  • Adding Links and Pictures to your Blog Template

This worksheet explains how to change the template in your blog at Blogger so that it displays your links and pictures down the sidebar frame when your blog is displayed on the Internet



  • Editing your blog

Learn to identify the different template sections and what you can edit in each.







Check your work for Week 5


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