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Blogging for Beginners 2007

WEEK 4 Tasks - Feb 5th to 11th

Involving Students in Blogging







Objectives for Week 4: To reflect on the use of blogs in the classroom. To discuss the basic issues related to blogging pedagogy.


  • Task 1 - Read the following blog posts:


Blogs and Pedagogy

Creating Passionate Users: Crash course in learning theory


  • Task 2 - Comment on our Blog and help the group create the Best Blogging Practices for the Classroom.



  • Task 3 - Analyze some entries of the "Blogs of the Week" taking into account our Best Blogging Practices Principles. Post your reflections to the group blog.




Check the ideas on the Best Blogging Practices suggested by the group.





Blogs of The Week


International Exchange


Brazil and Argentina - Scrapbooking Project








Optional Task (Yahoogroups Discussion)




Check the group ideas to Exploit Students' Errors while they're blogging.




Guest Speakers of the Week



Bee Dieu and Aaron Campbell - Successful Blogging Practices


Help us get organised for this session by adding your name to our group database if you're planning to join us!





Bee Dieu and Aaron Campbell

Friday, February 9th

22:00 GMT
at Alado
Barbara Dieu is the Coordinator of the Foreign Languages Department and an EFL teacher at the Franco Brazilian secondary school in São Paulo. She´s been involved in collaborative projects online since 1997 and blogging since 2003. Check out Her Personal Blog and Her Class Blog.

Aaron Campbell teaches EFL at Kyoto Sangyo University. He has been using blogs with his students since 2002.Check out His Personal blog, His Blog for students, English Conversations.

Bee and Aaron have developed a wonderful joint Blogging project, The Open Web Publishing EFL/ESL project |





Blog Collaborators of the Week




  • Dennis Oliver and Sharon Holdner


Dennis Oliver

For the past six years, I've taught ESL and developmental English at a community college. In the 20 years or so before that, I did a lot of things: taught pre-university students and did administrative work at a university IEP, taught secondary-school students in a now-defunct private boarding school, served as an editor and writer while I worked for and with a well-known ESL/EFL materials developer, and taught, did teacher training and curriculum development work, and served as a textbook editor for a chain of proprietary ESL/EFL schools.




Sharon Holdner

Teaching English, which was my avocation, became my vocation 10 years ago when I left the corporate sector and returned to school to get my CTEFL and CTBE. I have enjoyed many different aspects of teaching English, from basic literacy through to college and graduate school prep, in the metropolitan area of Boston, MA.

Through my introduction to webheads in 2005 I became interested in the use of technology to teach. The use of blogs in education fascinates me and I continue to explore their possibilities, even now as I am teaching native speakers in non- language related areas. My blogs are mainly used for information for my students, with the exception of a couple of private blogs that serve to inform the public Through tracking the number of hits on the blogs, I can tell if the students are doing the readings!

Looking forward to meeting new friends and hoping to connect with some who would like to engage in collaborative blogging!








Check your work for Week 4**













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