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Blogging for Beginners 2007

WEEK 3 Tasks - Jan 29th to Feb 4th

Blogging: Off We Go!









Objectives for Week 3: post an entry to your blog and enhance it with images and hyperlinks. To start promoting your blog and building a community of readers.


Task 1 - Editing your Profile/Class Profile

Access The Blogger Tutorial and edit your profile/class profile.




Task 2 - Playing Around with Blog Posts



References on Copyright Issues:

10 Big Myths about Copyright Explained

Creative Commons


Task 3 - Discuss Issues related to Blog Safety

  • Answer the questions about Blog Safety posted on our group blog (use the comment area).



Task 4 - Syndication (The basics of RSS, RSS in the blogging classroom, subscription to Feedblitz)



1st Guest Speaker


Phil Hollows,the Founder and Chief Executive of Feedblitz, the Internet's largest and most successful RSS and Blog to Email service
at Alado.net
- Learn how to subscribe to your students' blogs or other blogs that interest you and get updates in your e-mail inbox

- Learn how to offer e-mail subscription to your blog and increase your reader community


Help us get organised for this session by adding your name to our group database if you're planning to join us!



Collaborators of the week



Blogs of the Week


Teresa d'Eça's Blog with her 5th and 6th Graders 

Elected the Best Teacher Blog of the Year (Edublogs Award 2006)


Remote Access Clarence Fisher has much to say about blogging in the classroom


Check your work for Week 3



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