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Blogging for Beginners 2007

WEEK 2 Tasks - Jan 22nd to 28th

Understanding and Starting a Blog





Objectives for Week 2:To understand basic blogging features and their relevance in your teaching context; to choose a bloghost and start a blog.


    • Task 1 - Learning about blogging jargon




    • Task 2 - Comparing Different Bloghosts






Task 3 - Starting a blog


  1. Read our Tips to Create a Blogger Account
  2. Check the tour at Blogger
  3. Create a Blogger account at http://www.blogger.com/start
  4. Define the purpose of your blog (Is it a personal journal? Is it for professional development issues? Is it a class blog? Is it a family blog? Is it a travel log?)
  5. Define the target audience
  6. Choose a Title (It will be the header of your blog)
  7. Include your Blog URL in the folder labelled Participants'Blogs in our Yahoogroups Links Area.


Office Hours


Tuesday, January 23
22:00 to 24:00 GMT
Yahoo Messenger (YM)Office Hours to clarify any doubts on week 2 tasks.Yahoo Contact ID: erikacruvinel


Wednesday, January 24
18:00 to 20:00 GMT
Yahoo Messenger (YM)Office Hours to clarify any doubts on week 2 tasks.Yahoo Contact ID: erikacruvinel



Blogs of the Week


Ewan McIntosh's blog


Carla Arena and Dennis Oliver's blog



Check your work for Week 2


Comments (1)

Anonymous said

at 10:56 pm on Jan 26, 2007

I just finished the crossword puzzle. What fun! What a great tool to help students learn, understand and use a new vocabulary.

Example: If I had a "podcast" I could tell you all about it!

Great work, B4B Team!

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