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Blogging for Beginners 2007

Weekly benchmarks


Week 1 (Jan 15-21)


I have...


  • posted a message to the group introducing myself
  • replied to at least two introductions posted to the group
  • learned who make up The Blogging Team.
  • added my photo and message to the group Frappr map.
  • added myself to the group database.
  • answered the introductory survey .
  • read What Exactly is a Blog Anyway?.
  • posted to the group explaining how I understand the difference between blogs, wikis and websites.
  • reflected upon my experience and my future blogging.
  • chatted with some of my partners.


Week 2 (Jan 22-28)


I have...



Week 3 (Jan 29-Feb 4)


I have...


  • read the tutorials in blogger.
  • posted the first entry to my blog.
  • added an image to my blog.
  • invited B4B participants to comment on my blog.
  • commented on at least three (Participants'Blogs)
  • posted a comment about Blog Safety to the group blog.
  • read the suggested article and posted a comment on the group blog about the advantages of RSS.
  • participated in the first live session with Feedblitz founder, Phill Hollows.
  • checked the suggested Blogs of the Week.


Week 4 (Feb 5-11)


I have...


  • read the texts on Blogging Pedagogy and Creating Passionate Users.
  • commented on our session blog and have helped the group create the Best Blogging Practices.
  • checked the suggested blogs and analyzed them according to the best practices suggested.
  • participated in Bee Dieu's and Aaron CampbellĀ“s presentation.


Week 5 (Feb 12-18)


I have...

  • explored the blogs of the week
  • read the post at our blog and listened to other teachers' experience with widgets on their blogs
  • commented on my favourite widgets and how I (might) use them with my students
  • made a multimedia entry to my blog
  • edited my sidebar and added my favourite links
  • placed a syndication button in my blog's template
  • chosen one or more widgets and inserted the code in my template
  • visited and commented on another participants' blogs


    • Optional**


I have...

  • written an entry on my blog about my favourite widget and how I think it will enrich my/my students' blogging experience
  • participated in the "help desk" chat session
  • commented on my overall experience in the group blog
  • tried some HTML in my blog


Week 6 (Feb 19-25)

I have...

  • ...

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