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Blogging for Beginners 2007





Our Yahoo! Group


Synchronous Communication



Our Frappr Map


Adding your photo to the map

Remember Frappr only accepts .jpg files up to 2MB.

Need to convert your file (e.g. from .gif to .jpg)? Try http://www.zamzar.com .

Need to resize your picture? Try http://www.resize2mail.com/.

Some members have reported it might work better to try using Internet Explorer (instead of Mozilla or some other browser)






How to Create an Account


How to Start Posting


How to Post a Comment


How to Get Your Photo to Show on Your Comments


  1. Go to the Dashboard of your blogger
  2. Click on "Profile"
  3. Find Photograph (photo URL)
  4. Add the address for an online picture of yours (to get its url, go to the photo, right-click it and the url will be in properties, copy it and paste it in the photo space)
  5. Scroll Down and Save Changes

The next time that you comment on a blog, you should be able to see your photo by your message.


How to Migrate to the New Blogger Safely & Edit Your Template Easily


How to Change your Template


How to Put a Logo in the Header of a Blogger blog

Bellusci, Claudia (2007). Put your logo in the header of a Blogger blog [Slideshare tutorial]. Retrieved February 14, 2007, from http://www.slideshare.net/ClaudiaB/put-your-logo-in-the-header-of-a-blogger-blog/1

Works fabulously!

How to Delete a Blogger Blog

If you ever really, really want to.






How to Start Using Picasa


How to Upload Images from Picasa to Blogger




Easy Thumbnails

A free tool to resize your images.


How to Use It  

Dafne Gonzalez' tutorial.



Other Media to Include in Blogs


How to Create a Bubbleshare Album with Voice Comments 

Create a slideshow and record your voice comments and post it in your blog.


Odeo - A Novice User's Guide


Podomatic - A Novice User's Guide


Snap Preview Anywhere (TM)



HyperText Markup Language (HTML)





Comments (2)

Anonymous said

at 7:53 am on Feb 1, 2007

I just dropped by to see whether I could find a tutorial on creating feeds. My B4B Interconnections blogroll has grown far too long. I guess it's time that I learned to burn and aggregate feeds.

Good on the whole B4B team! Cheers, Paul

Anonymous said

at 9:18 am on Feb 14, 2007

Very nice tutorial on Blogger logo additions that Claudia posted on Slideshare: Good on ya, Claudia!

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