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Tips to create your Blogger Account

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Tips to create your Blogger Account and your first blog:


Access http://www.blogger.com


You can always select the language at the bottom of the main page. We suggest you choose English; otherwise, your icons will have different names.


You can choose to Create a Blog or to Take a Tour (in this case, you can stop the tour at any moment by clicking on Create a Blog).


In order to create your account, you will have to choose a username, a password, your blog URL and its title.


Since Blogger is a very popular blog host, many usernames and URLs have already been taken. Try different usernames and URLs until you find one that is available.


When you create your account, Blogger will also guide you to create your first blog. You don’t need to start posting until week 3 of our workshop, but your blog will only be visible to others if has at least one post. If you choose to write your post now, remember that you can always edit it later.


You can use the same username and password to comment on other people’s blogs.


You can have many blogs in the same Blogger account. If you build a new blog, it will have a new URL.


The Blogging Team

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