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Gladys Baya

Gladys Baya I'm an Argentinian EFL teacher and teacher trainer, really passionate about technology integration into teaching practices. As I learn better in supportive teams, my life changed radically when I met the Webheads in Action via “Becoming a Webhead” in 2005. I co-moderated BAW last year, and will be co-moderating it next EVO again!. This year I started LearningWithComputers, and am now getting ready to moderate my first EVO session: Blogging for Beginners. Visit my personal and class websites! Yahoo and Skype ID: gladysbaya


Claudia Bellusci

Claudia Bellusci I'm an EFL teacher from Argentina. I teach English to middle, high school students and adults. I'm very interested in finding new ways to motivate students and offering them more opportunities to be exposed and interact using the foreign language. I should say I was keen on computer stuff before EVO-06, but after that, I became a complete addict! Next January I'll be co-moderating Blogging for Beginners (who would have said so a year ago?)Yahoo ID: mcbellusci


Carla Arena

Carla ArenaA Brazilian EFL teacher, explorer of the potential of technology integration into language learning, I started to dig into the possibilities of tech-applications some years ago and have been going on new cyber-journeys with my students ever since. I am a teacher trainer and site content manager at a Binational Center in Brasilia, Casa Thomas Jefferson. I am a blogging fan (or addict!) and enthusiastic Webhead.I'm really excited about moderating the "Blogging for Beginners" session with Erika, my dearest friend, and my Argentinians friends, Gladys, Claudia and Silvana. I'm sure we'll learn a lot! Some of my class project you may want to visit are the International Exchange Blog with Dennis Oliver, Brazil and Brazilians, and SambaEFL. Yahoo and Skype ID: carlaarena


Erika Cruvinel

Erika CruvinelI'm a brazilian EFL teacher interested in all applications of technology in language learning. Together with Carla Arena, I am a computer lab monitor and site manager at a Binational Center in Brasília. I'm especially interested in the uses of blogs to develop collaborative projects among different countries. Together with Carla Arena, Gladys, Claudia and Silvana I'll be moderating Blogging for Beginners. Skype and Yahoo ID erikacruvinel


Silvana Carnicero

Silvana CarniceroI'm an Argentine EFL teacher and teacher trainer. I have worked for over ten years at the different levels of the educational system. My interest in integrating technology into the classroom started six years ago with my participation in online collaborative projects organized by IEARN (International and Educational Resource Network). Last year I organized my own project called "My School, Your School" in which I had the opportunity to share with a great Brazilian teacher, Erika. You can visit the project at http://myschoolyourschoolproject.blogspot.com. You can also visit my personal blog where you can see some of my experiences with technology at http://teleworkingtogether.blogspot.com. I have found the experience of online colaboration and professional growth very rewarding especially from my participation in BAW 2006 onwards. Therefore, I am very pleased to be part of the group that will moderate Blogging for Beginners next session

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