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How to Delete a Blogger Blog

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How to Delete a Blogger Blog - Irreversibly!


Blogger help

(illustrated tutorial)



Finding the Right Buttons


This tutorial is glossed in Japanese. If you would like to find other language equivalents for button or link labels in your Blogger Dashboard:


     0.  Go to the foot of your Blogger Dashboard;

  1. Click the Language (言語) link in the footer;
  2. Select English or Japanese (日本語);
  3. Scan the English or Japanese Dashboard and Settings page to find the approximate page locations of the buttons/links listed in the steps below;
  4. Return to your language of preference by repeating steps 1-2; &
  5. Follow the five easy steps below.



Five Easy Steps


     0.  Find in your Dashboard list the blog that you want to delete forever;

  1. Click the Manage:... Settings link (管理:... 設定) to the right of the blog's name;
  2. Select the Basic (基本) settings tab, if it isn't already active (default);
  3. Scroll down to Delete Your Blog (ブログを削除);
  4. Click on Delete This Blog (このブログを削除); and
  5. Confirm your decision if a pop-up dialog box opens.

(Paul Beaufait, personal correspondence; February 8,  2007)




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