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Using Alado



Logging in


1. Click on the Alado link to get to Alado's main page.




2. Click on "login" on the top navigation bar (circled in yellow in the image above).


This is the new page you will see:






If this is your first time, you need to download an application (very fast process). Click on "Click here to mannualy download or run the software" circled in red in the image above.

You will not have to download the application in your next visits.


3. Once you have downloaded the software, click on "click here to log on to the webcast portal", circled in red in the image below:





4. You will see a new window to log on:





Type your name and click on "Log On". You DONĀ“T need any password. Only moderators need passwords.


You will enter the room.




Before an audio session

You can often have a conflict with different audio over the Internet applications when you finish one session in one audio application (e.g in Yahoo or Skype), and then go directly to another audio application, thinking your computer is capable of making those changes when the former audio application has maintained a hold on your sound card software unbeknown to you as a user. So it's always best to start out fresh (to eliminate one variable!).



Whenever possible, reboot your computer before joining a session at Alado, to free up your sound card from any previous sessions you had in other audio applications.



Inside the room




Text Chat

You can type a message in the text chat area. You can change the color and font of your text.

If you right-click a participant's name, you can send this peson a private message.



If you want to talk, just click on the mic in the bottom part of the screen (see the image in "Inside the Room"), or keep pressing "Ctrl" on your keyboard. A speech bubble will appear next to your name.

If there's a number inside the speech bubble next to your name, it means you need to wait for your turn (only one person can speak at a time). If there are no numbers, start speaking, everybody is listening to you!

When you finish speaking, click on the mic again. Unless you do so, nobody else can use voice!


During presentations, it is advisable to use text chat to make comments or ask questions of the speaker (especially if there is a large audience). They will see your contributions on their screen and react to them using their voice, and in this way you won't be interrupting them that much. Anyway, there's usually time for everyone to speak at the beginning and end of every session.


Recording a session

To record a session at Alado and save it on your hard disk (so that you can enjoy it offline later), you need to have Windows Media Player version 9 or +. If you have any earlier versions, the 'record presentation' feature will be disabled (greyed out on your screen).


  1. Click on "Recording" on the top tool bar, then click on "Start Recoding". You will be asked to choose a name for the file. When you want to stop recording, do the same thing ("Start Recording" will be checked, and you need to uncheck it) and a pop-up saying "Mp3 file saved" will apeear.
  2. The files will be saved in "My documents", in a folder called "My Conference Recordings", which Alado automtically creates for you.
  3. More than one file will be saved inside the folder "My Conference recordings", but the only one you need in order to listen to the recording is the .mp3 file, the others are useful only if you want to upload the recording to a server.


Icons next to participant names

  • a speech bubble means "this person is holding the mic" (in other words, they should be talking!)
  • a speech bubble with a number inside means "this participant has requested the right to talk, and is waiting for their turn"
  • r within a yellow circle means "this participant is recording the session"


Logging out

To leave the session, just click on "Exit" in the File menu.  


NOTE: The Alado Webheads Room - http://www.alado.net/webheads - is available to all Webheads in Action for free thanks to Andrew Pincon.


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